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    TCT Circular Saw Blades
         Ripping cut blades
         Multi ripping cut blades, thin kerf
         General propose blade for wood
         Universal cross cut for wood
         Fine & smooth cross cut
         Blade with chip limiting device
         Professional construction blade
         Blade for cutting wood with nails
         Combination teeth blade for wood
         For cutting plastic in general
         For cutting aluminium and non-ferrous metal
         For cutting aluminium ingot & copper ingot
         For cutting steel, iron and ferrous metal
         For cutting steel ingot
         For cutting steel pipe
         Multi ripping cut blades with carbide wipers slots
         Grass cutting blades
         Adjustable scoring blades
         Scoring circular saw blades with conical teeth
         Blades for various kind of portable saw machines,wood cutting
         Blades for various kind of portable saw machines,nailed wood cutting
         Blades for various kind of portable saw machines,aluminium cutting
    PCD Circular Saw Blades
         For Fiber Cement products cut
         For Chipboard layers cut
    Steel Circular Saw Blades
    Steel Core Blank Plate, Steel Plate Body
         For TCT Circular Saw Blades
         For Diamond Saw Blades
    Bore reduction bushings for circular saw blades
    Diamond Saw Blades
         Sintered, continuous rim
         Sintered, segmented
         Sintered, turbo
         Sintered, segmented turbo
         Sintered, wave turbo
         Sintered, fine turbo rim
         Hot press sintered, T segment turbo
         Hot press sintered, tile cut specialist
         Hot press sintered, general propose
         Curving cutting blades
    Diamond Saw Blades. Diameter¡Ư300mm
         Sintered, general propose
         Sintered, cut general building materials
         Sintered, cut concrete
         Sintered, cut abrasive materials
         Brazed weld, cut marble & granite
         Brazed weld, wall saw blade
    Laser weld Diamond Saw Blades
         For general propose
         Cut concrete
         Cut green concrete
         Cut asphalt
         Cut abrasive materials
         Detector Loop & Joint Cutting
    Diamond Tuck Point Blades
    Diamond Crack Chaser Blades
    Diamond Mortar Ranking Blades
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         Diamond Grinding Cup, turbo row
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Circular Saw Blades
Authors£ºRichard Lee    Data£º2011-7-5 14:55:28  31945

Circular saw blades are tools having teeth`s on its edges used to cut wood and many other substances. They are available in two basic models:

The table base model

The hand-held model

The basic use this tool is to cut the large wooden slots into small pieces or as per the requirement. The circular saw blades are multipurpose tools which have many different utilities. The table base models are already fitted on a table and the material is moved across the circular saw blades. As regards the hand held model, the material is fixed tightly at one place and then the hand held circular saw blades are moved to cut the material.
Care Taking Tips
The main task of circular saw blades is cutting work. Hence, to keep the blades in working conditions some precautions are necessary. Adopting these small precautions may result in long life of the circular saw blades:

The sharp area or the teeth`s are the most vulnerable area of the blades. They require the utmost care. A deadly blade can cause harm to whole tool. So, as soon as the blade gets damaged, it should be replaced. Never use the blade in excess.

With the regular use of the circular saw blades, the adjustments of the tools get disturbed. The timely adjustment of the tool should be ensured. Wrong angle may cause damage to the tool and the output may get disrupted. Adjusting the angle may not be easy job but the instructions on the body of the tool may be followed.

The storage of the circular saw blades should be proper. When the tool is not in use, it should be kept in area where it does not gets exposed to moisture because the metal may get rusted and damaged. This should be avoided.

If the above mentioned three steps are followed, the circular saw blades will function properly and for long life. Otherwise, there are possible chances of getting rusted.
The circular saw blades can be used in many areas like:

for cutting of metals,

cutting the fiberglass,

cut the concrete,

cut the plastic material,

to cut the floor that has already been laminated. 

These blades are used in saw grinders with high capacity.

Some of the characteristics of the circular saw blades that make them popular all over the globe are:

It cuts the material in the right direction and as per the requirement. The tool is completely human manned and works according to direction resulting in good and precise result.

Performance of high quality circular saw blades are very good and for longer life.

If taken care of, their performance is very good.

The sharpness of the teeth`s of these blades is very fine which may cut any thing that comes in way.

The operation is very easy. The hand held tool is very easy to operate with less amount of risk involved. 

These tools are very easy to operate, with accurate result and good finish. They work longer and are easy to maintain. In total they are very useful and multipurpose tools. These tools should be preserved from moisture as it may get rusted. They should be used with proper care otherwise may cause injury to the operator who uses it and also may damage the material.